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Re: Afschrijvingen?

Berichtdoor Vince » vr 04 jan 2013, 10:41

Prego, amico.

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Re: Afschrijvingen?

Berichtdoor yrrah » vr 04 jan 2013, 10:44

Ja mensen, beetje snel opgeschreven, maar in Alfa racerij en vastgoed was dit niet vreemd. Zou in de analen moeten duiken om de artikelen te vinden. Na hem kwamen in de racerij nog velen...

Zal de item verwijderen, maar het luchtje ...
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Re: Afschrijvingen?

Berichtdoor lqpl » ma 06 mei 2013, 19:52

Van een ander forum:

Unless you have a crystal ball I'd be a little cautious about guessing what and the reasons for it is coming next.

I think we'll see another huge downturn such as we did in the early 1990's because yes I too believe the market is overheated. I have no idea when the correction will come. If the economy picks up in earnest and other investment opportunities look good once again look for a quick exit.

As for who will be interested in these cars because baby boomers are dying off well I don't think I'll be unable to utilize my cars any time soon so no panic here but even so this piece of logic has been utilized before and found somewhat wanting. People wondered about where the values of older classics from the 20's through the late 30's
(Packard, Duesenbergs etc.) as the generation most closely associated with those cars died off. Sales of those are still strong.

Not all that many Maserati's are investment grade and Biturbos will not be involved. EVER! Just enjoy them and keep them running guys.

Why an old Mimi, Fiat 500 or especially a Fiat Jolly is worth so much more than any Biturbo is a matter of taste, fad and the absolute pounding the Biturbo's reputation has received in this country. I point this out on a weekly basis on another forum but alas to very little avail. There are other people out there who understand the unjustified reasons for this. Most of them are from Europe where those cars did fare better than here.

Maserati's in general have suffered a diminished reputation for many years and still lag behind Ferrari by a long ways and even Lamborghini which have zero reason to trumpet about their build quality.

The Biturbo has been a useful scapegoat for the reasons behind this. It's a primary reason spouted frequently by one of the worlds foremost "self proclaimed" Maserati experts [sommigen hier zullen hem wel kennen]. He actually does know a lot about the marque's early years but he's also terribly biased and bit pompous as well. The reasons for Maserati's long suffering reputation are actually much more complex than that IMHO. Yet people like simple easily understood answers and cling to them long after reason fails.

Live with it guys. Tilting at windmills is fruitless.
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Re: Afschrijvingen?

Berichtdoor lqpl » ma 06 mei 2013, 19:56

Well said!

The Biturbos that have remained in the hands of passionate owners, and not fallen into the hands of "boy racers", and been properly maintained are still on the road now.

Failings with rust in the body department was not entirely Maserati's fault, this was common place during the Eighties for many Italian marques, due to poor quality imported steel from Russia (mostly re-cycled Russian Tanks) - imported as part of a trade agreement between the Russian and Italian governments.

The engine is sound, especially when driven within its limits. Many problems arose because drivers did not drive their cars within those limits, but were captivated by its performance.

The electrics were the main bug bear, and I have no excuse for this, but most problems have arisen when cars are not garaged and left exposed to the elements, with oxidisation of contacts being a major contributor.

Yes, there is a tendency for classic Maserati owners to look down on Biturbos. But Biturbo owners who spend large amounts maintaining their cars, knowing full well that they will not see any return, deserve more respect than an owner who can afford to restore his Maserati knowing that he will see most of that back when and if he decides to sell. I know it's not why most owners buy and restore a Maserati, but this does help pacify "She who must be obeyed!"

When Citroen left Maserati in the lurch in the late Seventies, I can't remember Ferrari or Fiat showing any interest in saving the marque. It fell upon De Tomaso and GEPI to step in and save the company, and had it not been for the BITURBO, Maserati may not exist as it is today.

Maserati Biturbos are NOT sports cars, they are coupes and saloons that happen to have a sports car performance. When driven within their limits, maintained regularly, garaged, and not tinkered with, should have a long, happy, and healthy life.
Merak 2000GT 1981; Quattroporte III 4.9 1987; 4.24v 1991; Ghibli Open Cup 1995; 3200GT 2000; 1300 GT junior ('Scalino') 1970; 968 coupé 1991; 400i 1980; 944 CUP 1986; S6 avant 2012
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Re: Afschrijvingen?

Berichtdoor Techno » ma 06 mei 2013, 20:22

Amen. Mooi geformuleerd. Dus:zorg voor, en geniet van wat je hebt.(in die volgorde!)
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Re: Afschrijvingen?

Berichtdoor Boomerang » zo 10 jan 2016, 11:59

Tja, die rode 3200GTA uit Japan, met 56k KMS, die ik in september heb bekeken in DE, had ik dus toch moeten kopen. hamersmiley
(De stelling " bij twijfel niet inhalen" moet ik wat minder gaan toepassen)

Inmiddels kan je stellen dat de prijzen voor de 3200 toch aan het klimmen zijn.
Het dal is definitief achter ons.
Alleen een paar rechtsgestuurde exemplaren en de bekende rijdende plaatwerk/onderdelendonoren kan je nog onder de 15k kopen.

Tja, wie wil, moet NU instappen denk ik.
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