Kerst gedicht !

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Kerst gedicht !

Berichtdoor volantevantage » za 22 dec 2012, 10:07

================================================== ==============

'Twas the night before Christmas and out in the shed
Sat a tired old Maserati, its battery dead.

Its fenders were rusted, the floorpan had holes
The seats and the carpets had been eaten by voles

The tires had dry-rot, the gas tank was leaking
A turn of the wheel sent tie rods a-creaking.

So I put on my coat with a weight on my heart,
And went out to the shed to get it to start.

The engine turned over--there arose such a clatter!
I knew from the sound it was water pump chatter.

From under the dashboard there came a bright flash:
The wiring harness had just turned to ash!

I’ve had it with Maseratis I finally swore
Enough is too much! I can’t take any more!

When what to my red, teary eyes should appear
But a little Italian (hell, I need a beer!)
Buon giorno, he said, poking me in the belly.
You needa my help? I’m Giulio Alfieri.

This one can be saved; there is no reason to grieve.
All you need is some faith--Man, you gotta believe!

A hammer! Some duct tape! Get me more tools!
When you work on these cars, just make up-a da rules!
We’ll get her cranked over no way that she will stall
(But stand over there with you back to the wall.)

A cough and a sputter, the cacophony stunning--
I couldn’t believe it! The damn thing was running!

The ghost winked at me and said, kicking a tire,
Whatever you do, DONNA TOUCHA THIS WIRE!

The old man then vanished amid sneezes and farts
But when the smoke cleared he had left me some parts.

So I opened the shed door and let the top down
Put pedal to metal and went out on the town.

And I thought to myself as I missed second gear
Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year!
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Re: Kerst gedicht !

Berichtdoor yrrah » za 22 dec 2012, 10:48

Fantastico, happy Christmas,
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Re: Kerst gedicht !

Berichtdoor stijn » za 22 dec 2012, 11:13

Stein Keuken
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Re: Kerst gedicht !

Berichtdoor Michele » za 22 dec 2012, 11:59

applause applause applause
Choose life, drive Maserati!
Je kan altijd stijlvol van huis, maar je weet nooit of je elegant aankomt...
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Re: Kerst gedicht !

Berichtdoor Techno » za 22 dec 2012, 13:43

2thumbs applause geweldig!
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Re: Kerst gedicht !

Berichtdoor PeterM » za 22 dec 2012, 16:28

That's the spirit Giuliaa5
... dò ist der Bahnhof!
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Re: Kerst gedicht !

Berichtdoor treets » za 22 dec 2012, 17:32

Geweldig! Sometimes it takes a ghost to get the spirit!
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Re: Kerst gedicht !

Berichtdoor Vince » zo 23 dec 2012, 13:12

HEul mooi, Ruud!

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